I’m an illustrator, comic cover artist, and concept artist currently living in Berkeley. Originally from Dallas, I received my BFA in illustration from the California College of Arts and Crafts.

I worked for nine years at bay area video game studios as a concept artist but now freelance full-time. Collaborators have said my recent work “weav(es) wild narratives in watercolor and pencil” and is “hauntingly macabre,” which I think was very sweet of them.

My books:
Journey of the Noble Gnarble, a picture book for young readers by Daniel Errico
Journey of the Marmabill, a picture book for young readers by Daniel Errico
Ghost Days: An Anna O’Brien Collection, an anthology of short horror stories by Asher Elbein

Selected Exhibitions and Accolades:
Sketchpad Gallery “The Good Death” exhibition in 2018
Spoke Art NYC “Of Scales and Feathers” exhibition in 2018
Light Grey Art Lab Iceland Residency, Team Tern 2017
Haven Gallery “It Came From Beneath The Sea” exhibition in 2017
Hive Gallery “Something Witchy” exhibition in 2017
Light Grey Art Lab “Midnight” exhibition in 2016
Sketchpad Gallery ”Miyazaki Spirit” exhibition in 2016
Bergeron’s ”Lovecraft Society Show” exhibition in 2015


Selected clients and projects:

  • DC/Vertigo, contributions to the Sandman Universe, regular cover artist for Lucifer (2018- )

  • ImagineFX, tutorial and interviews

  • 3DTotal/Graphite Magazine, tutorials and articles for several books

  • Monte Cook Games, contributions for Numenera

  • Fantasy Flight Games, contributions for several Star Wars: Force and Destiny corebooks and expansions

  • Electronic Arts, character design for MOBA game Dawngate

  • Disney Interactive, character art for multiple mobile games, including a Star War